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A design & development studio crafting stunning front-end solutions.

We help companies connect with users through outstanding design and scalable front-end development.

What we do

    • UI/UX Audit
    • Workshops
    • Market Research

    Close collaboration with the client to understand the vision and define users' needs is the key to product success. We listen, empathize with the users, and care about business needs. We can plan the scope through UI/UX audits, user interviews, and product definition workshops and recommend the best solutions to support the company's mission.

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    • UX design
    • UI design
    • Design Systems
    • Websites

    We approach each project individually. Our mission is to create scalable digital products with respect for the users and the client. We always ensure that it combines a clean and beautiful visual design. We are passionate and constantly strive to create accessible and stunning projects.

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    • UI kits
    • Design systems
    • Websites
    • API integration
    • JAMstack

    We create reusable component libraries, implement design systems and bring websites to life. The goal is to develop scalable, user and developer-friendly front-end solutions to help you grow and improve your online presence. We pay attention to detail and use the best technologies for the task.

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    • UX + UI Design
    • Webflow Development
    • Webflow Onboarding

    We design and implement fast, scalable, responsive, and SEO-friendly websites with Webflow. On top of that, we provide you with one-to-one learning sessions and a transparent system of managing content so you can take complete control of your website after the hand-off.

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Recent projects

AR Configurator


  • UX design
  • Front-end development

Augmenteers is a platform for online retailers to increase performance with 3D product visualizations. We designed and developed a user-friendly experience that lets customers configure the product, scan the QR code and see the model in their room using AR technology. We implemented the front end of the web app in React.js.

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Mobile view of a furniture configurator with controls and 3d model of a drawer.
Desktop view of a furniture configurator with controls and 3d model of a drawer

“Internal stakeholders were extremely pleased with the professional-looking and high-quality design of the platform. The team stood out for their attention to detail – they went beyond what the client requested. They used Slack, Zoom, and Loom to communicate and were very responsive.”

Mario Rudhart Co-founder & CEO at Augmenteers

Augmenteers branding


  • Brand identity

The goal was to present Augmenteers as a trustworthy, professional partner for 3D and Augmented Reality solutions while maintaining their young and innovative approach. We designed a logomark that represents the interpenetration of two worlds - real and virtual. Combining these two parts results in a stable construction that shows professionalism and trust.

SaaS website redesign


  • Web design
  • Front-end development

Demoboost helps software companies deliver a demo experience that sells – internally and with partners. As a result of the growth and global expansion, their outdated website needed a fresh look. We proposed a new visual language and prepared all animated assets to show how the product works. We implemented the new website with a static site generator 11ty, focusing on performance and user experience.

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Demoboost website product shot
Demoboost website product shot

“Ada and Paulina are great to work with. They understood our needs and worked super quickly, without unnecessary fluff. Always taking our feedback into account but also coming in with great recommendations. And last but not least, they're great people to interact with! I highly recommend them.”

Paweł Jaszczurowski Co-founder & CEO at Demoboost

We are a product designer and a front-end developer duo.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality interfaces that solve business problems and offer a first-class experience to users.

We're excited to work with kind people who believe that open communication is the key to creating great products.

Get to know us better

Paulina Jadeszko

Co-founder & Product Designer

I am a Product Designer with over five years of experience that I have gained in small agencies, software houses, and startups. At that time, I had the opportunity to design mobile applications, web applications, and websites for organizations of all sizes from industries such as e-commerce, FinTech, aviation, and education. My goal is to maintain a high standard of usability and user experience. I take care of every detail of the visual part of the project.

Ada Banaszak

Co-founder & Web Developer

I am a cultural studies graduate turned front-end developer. I've gained professional experience working for various clients in a global advertising agency and a small software house. I was also an in-house front-end developer for a fast-growing fem-tech startup. While coding, I care about user experience, performance, and code reusability. While communicating, I value transparency, mutual respect, kindness, and a sense of humor.